Google Anlytics missing SEO Queries

A sudden drop in traffic raises alarm bells everywhere but what if its the reporting tool gone wrong?

Does the image below look familiar for your SEO keyword Queries in September / October in Google Analytics?


If so you’ll be happy to know your site is fine, you’ve not been added to a blacklist and you still have natural incoming traffic which I’m sure the other reports will confirm.  What has happened is Google’s data sharing delay has gone from 2 days to more than 5.  I have access to multiple Analytic accounts and have verified the same thing is happening across multiple websites and sectors.

There has been allot of speculation as to why its happened including Google’s keyword encryption and some have said its the end of Queries in Analytics altogether.  I myself think its just another delay and I’ve seen it catching up slowly over the past few days so next week things could be back to normal.

What won’t return back to normal is Google’s keyword encryption which is going to add to the annoying Keyword: (not provided).

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