www.phpmyadmin.co – To help those developers without the use of phpMyAdmin I’ve installed and secured the popular software for use on any MySQL database reachable via the internet for free.

phpMyAdmin is the MySQL administration tool of choice for many developers.  Unfortunately it’s not always available because traditionally phpMyAdmin requires installing by the database host administrators.

Now this didn’t come easy because using phpMyAdmin in this way has some potential security risks.  Automated robots could continually access the phpMyAdmin login form and try thousands of server, username and password options for brute force access.

To combat this abuse of the service I’ve customised the login form to include a Captcha pass phrase to stop the bots.  I’ve also added a limit to the number of login failures and server changes within a time period.  Once the limit has been hit the user is locked out for a short period before they can try again.

I intend to keep this service up to date with the latest version of phpMyadmin and running smoothly with suitable hosting.

Happy administrating!

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