AWS Update London

I was recently invited to attend the AWS Update London at The Mermaid Conference & Events Centre
Puddle Dock which I was happy to accept.

After a period of scoffing tea and biscuits we started the conference by covering AWS’s most recent updates and product launches.  Since there’s been so many this was kind of crucial as missing one or two can happen when a new product is released every other day.

We then moved onto their new Amazon Glacier product was very interesting.  They’ve taken their S3 (CDN) service and slowed it right down for a cost saving.  This type of storage has been coined as ‘cold storage’ so hence the name Glacier.  Cold Storage basically means the storage of data and files ect but don’t expect to get them that often or even that quickly.  A 3 – 5 hour wait for documents was mentioned.  Obviously the side affect of cheaper storage.

So what’s it good for then?  Well backup files you’ll never use unless the worst case scenario occurs or fulfilling legal requirements regarding the storage of records for long periods of time.  Which ever use you can find, don’t plan on regular retrieval as putting them there is free but retrieval has a price attached not mentioning the time delay.

They also talked about CloudSearch which I can’t imagine using in the foreseeable future.  Provisioned IOPS, Elastic Beanstalk and Reserved Instance Marketplace where also points of conversation but again I don’t see these products featuring in any of my products in the near future but its good to know about them.

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